VIVA Healthcare Tubes have adopted new injection-moulding technology to produce a 100% recyclable polypropylene tube.

A multi-colour label is printed on polypropylene film and embedded into the inner wall of the tube using the in-mould labelling process. This process avoids using glue which contains hazardous ingredients to apply the graphics.

The entire tube, including the tube, cap and in-mould label is made of polypropylene, so once emptied the consumer can simply throw it in the recycle bin. This is unlike traditional tubes which have various types of plastic used to compose their body, label, cap and shoulders, making it difficult or impossible to recycle.

Furthermore, the 100% polypropylene material used in VIVA Healthcare Tubes have the lowest CO2e emissions by weight compared to all other categories of plastic and generates the least amount of CO2e emissions to both produce the raw material and process it in manufacturing.

The complete process of producing injection-moulded tubes involves 2 steps (printing the label and injection-moulding the tube) whilst extruded or laminated tubes traditionally take between 5 - 6 steps, plus waste and buffer storage is required between each step.

VIVA Healthcare's Injection-Moulding tube process is progressive and evolutionary in response to the demand for sustainable packaging.

VIVA is the global leader of manufactured media packaging and was established in 1973. VIVA has ISO9001 certified manufacturing facilities in Canada, Poland, China and Hong Kong. VIVA has a proud 38 year achievement of combining both knowledge and experience with injection moulded plastics. VIVA has a continued vision to deliver both innovative products and services to the market.

Cinqplast Plastop Australia is based in SydneyAustralia. Cinqplast Plastop Australia is the distributor of VIVA Healthcare Tubes for Australia and New Zealand. Please contact Cinqplast Plastop Australia on +61 2 9426 5333 or email other regions (e.g. North America, China, Asia and Europe), please go to:

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